Developing a BPM Solution using MOSS and Nintex Workflow 2007 (Screencast)

In the following screen cast I have tried to prove the concept of the possibility of developing BPM solution using MOSS and Nintex Workflow 2007.

Kindly, find the screencast link below:

Screencast link


I welcome anyone how wants to work on a BPM product using MOSS and Nintex, please send me your comments and ideas and let’s work together to achieve it.

Send to

I hope that helped



  1. thanks shokr for sharing this and the screen cast helped me a lot to understand the topic easily.

    We are awaiting more screen casts from you with regard to BPM. πŸ™‚



  2. Thanks Dear,
    As you know, i just read about NinTex before, but now see it in functional demo. It answers many of my questions rooming in my mind.

    Thanks once Again!..

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