Strange issue when you send meeting request from Exchange to Google Calendar

I have tried the below couple of times with the same result:

1. Send meeting request from Outlook like the following:


Note: I have the time zone settings as below


2. Check your Gmail


The time zone changed to be (AST) which equals to (UTC -4)!!! , however my Google Calendar settings are as the following:


3. When I accept the meeting request, I receive the following email


My guess, the issue is one of the two scenarios:

  • Google Calendar itself receives and sends the meeting request and its response on behalf of the Gmail account, and according to that it changes the time zone to the default one defined there which is (AST).
  • Microsoft Exchange don’t send the proper information of the time zone in the meeting request, so it’s assigned default one also.

Really, don’t know exactly what is going on, tried it with 2 different Google Accounts and 2 different Exchange Implementation with the same result.

I hope that helped


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