Solve Silverlight Arabic text issue in SharePoint 2010 Organization Browser and Media Web parts

Just came across the following solution to solve the common SharePoint 2010 Silverlight web parts (Org Browser and Media Web parts) Arabic display issue.

The solution is very simple:

  1. Locate the following 2 files [HierarchyChart.xap] and [MediaPlayer.xap] in [14 hive]\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\ClientBin
  2. Do the following for the 2 files:
    1. Very important to backup the 2 files first, just in case.
    2. The [.xap] file is basically a compressed folder (Archive), so open the file using a compression tool like [7-Zip]
    3. Open the [AppManifest.xaml] file using notepad, make sure that you open the file from the archive to make sure that the changes will be saved to the archive as well.
    4. Change the [RunTimeVersion] to [5.0.61118.0]
    5. Save the [AppManifest.xaml] (Inside the archive).
    6. Open your browser.
    7. Make sure that you clear the browser cache.
    8. Enjoy your organization browser in Arabic.


The idea beyond the solution is to force the Silverlight runtime to the newest version which has the proper RTL support.

Please, try this and submit your feedback.

I hope that helped



  1. You are the man :),,, We have faced this issue with 5 different clients, and I have opened a ticket with Microsoft, and their response was that this is a known issue that will be fixed in the new SharePoint Product Release!! Thanks

  2. Hi Ahmed,
    That you for this solution.
    Do you know how to implement this solution in sharepoint 2010 Decomposition Tree?

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